Ten Steps to Social Media Success

hands-300x199Social Media is a Buzz word today. Every one is on Social Media and every one Wants to be successful on Social Media. Few Days before I was attending a introductory seminar on Facebook Success by an Internet Marketing Guru in Middle East, Amir Anzur, and I really loved his words: “Now People don’t follow Julia Roberts and other stars, they follow their friends and the real people around them”.

But questions are:

  • How to be successful on Social Media?
  • And how to use Social Media Power for our success?

Based on my 2 years of experience and lot of time I spend on Internet to learn it, i have chalked out following ten steps, that brings Social Media Success. Ofcourse, level of success will be different for each person based on understanding, luck and hard work.

  1. Start with your own blog and make it the focal point of all your social media accounts with links to and from it. Your blog is where you show who you are and that you are a real person. People want to know about the people they do business with, and in a digital world your blog is the best place to show them.

    Although you have free choices like wordpress and bloggers, but its always better to have blog on your own domain, as by this way, you develop your own brand. And its not expensive in any way. Just for 10$ Domain and 40$ Web Hosting. Means in 50$ per year you can start your own blog. WordPress can be installed on many hosting accounts with one click and you can start with free theme. And at later stage when you taste success, you can hire a professional web designer for better one.

  2. Open accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg and LinkedIn. On each of these sites, find users who share your interests. There are thousands of social media sites, but start with the biggest. Find and join social sites for the specific markets you work in, eg WAYN for travel, Kaboodle for shoppers,Peak Performance for athletes, Sphinn for online marketing, MPORA for extreme sports, etc. Make sure people know about your social media accounts. Link to them on your blog, in your email signature and on your newsletters.
  3. Pick a nice professional picture of you that stands out. This is the photo or graphic accompanying your accounts and it is how you will be recognized. If in doubt about what to use, keep it simple, just your own picture.
  4. Be open and accessible. Make all your social media accounts known and open to contact, comments and chat. Make friends. This is harder in start as there is little reason for someone who does not know you to be your friend. The key is to make yourself useful and to avoid being irritating. Searching for people with the same interests as you, usually gets good results. Join Groups of your find and you will find many people with same interest. Now you can start adding them in your account with a nice message, and most of them will reply positive.
  5. Be authentic. Don’t fake it. Be yourself – you are what is unique and interesting about you. Behave like gentle man. Be polite.
  6. The easiest way to be popular is to be helpful. Everyone loves someone who will help them at no cost. It also displays your expertise, builds your brand and reputation. Remember 90-10 Rule. It means 90% of your posts should be for helping others or sharing useful contents. Only 10% should be about you or your business. And still when you share about your business, be sure to share things in a group, it is relevant to. If you will just remain sending affiliate links or other posts about your business, people will fedup. Golden rule of Internet Marketing is: Be responsive rather than interruptive. Means, when people need, then tell about your services or products.
  7. Only present high quality stories to sites like Digg and StumbleUpon. Do not submit your own content initially. Vote on stories that are in your niche. Write Comments on your niche related blogs. Be seen to be the expert that you are.
  8. Find interesting stories within your niche before anyone else. Use RSS or Twitter to subscribe to news and specialists sites whose content users of your social sites love. Google Alert is very powerful tool when coupled with Google Reader. This is how power users got to be who they are.
  9. Make a simple time sheet. Often, in start people spend too much time on Facebook and other Social media, and soon they get fatigue, and loose patience. A Time sheet will also help you to be more productive. For Example, 45 mins on Facebook, (20 mins in reading friend’s posts and news, 10 minutes for answering and 15 minutes in adding new friends)
  10. Be persistent. Spend a small amount of time each day on your accounts. Regular contributions over time will work and help you get noticed. The more people see you around, the more you will build trust.

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